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We also would like to help you enjoy your stay in Huatulco by offering these services as well:


Home Administration:

Staff management

Weekly check up on property

House cleaning

Garden maintenance

Pool maintenance

House expense payments


Repair and maintenance supervision

Services payments (electricity, water, phone and cablevision)



Other services:

Annual Property tax payment

Obtaining and setting up the Bank Trust

Opening bank accounts

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mobile phone: 001-521(958) 100 4389 or office phone 001-52 (958) 5834991. To call from a local phone in Huatulco call: 044 (958) 100 4389

You can visit us in Gardenia Street No. 1201 Local 2, La Crucecita. Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca. Next to GIORDANA´S.

Beatriz can be contacted via email  info@blackstonerealestatehuatulco.com

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